Voice Lessons in Austin Texas

Singing is the ultimate form of self expression.

Your body is your instrument and no one can take that away from you.

I started teaching vocal lessons in Austin the same way I started teaching guitar lessons in Denton. After gigs with The Eric Keyes Band, people would just ask. Since I perform in Austin just as much as I do in North Texas it made sense to offer voice lessons in Austin Texas as well as in Denton.

If you can sing it you can play it. An added benefit of learning to sing is that it makes it much easier to pick up an instrument.

Your lessons will instill confidence and a belief in yourself that is unflappable.

The lessons are intense, focused, and life changing.

I am currently offering voice lessons in Austin Texas, as well as Denton Texas.

Please send all inquiries regarding private instruction through my publicist, Melissa Kinney.

Phone: 940.735.7388
Email: melissa@wealthyrecords.com