Business Consultation

Eric has been a successful entrepreneur since the age of 16. He started in the music business and his experience and acumen there has been well documented. Though music is his primary passion his business oriented mindset has spearheaded the successful launch of several ventures.

1. Business Educator

Eric founded a private music school in 1995 where he works with a select group of individuals. Hundreds have flourished under his guidance and leadership. Students of the academy have gone on to become professional working musicians and accomplish their wildest dreams. Eric’s style as an educator is unique. He has no interest in projecting onto clients what he thinks they should become. His skill lies in his ability to-

• Help you find what it is you love to do.
• Instill the confidence and belief in yourself to do so.
• And most importantly instill in you the assertiveness so essential in preventing others from distracting you from always moving towards your goal.

Several times he has taken a person who is shy, has no musical skills just a passionate interest, and built their skill set and confidence to a level where they reinvented themselves into a complete Rock Star. On average it takes about 5 years. His students don’t become weekend warriors. This is a life changing skill set that builds a foundation that leads to a career in the entertainment business. Jonny Riley, Jerrod Flusche, Josh Mims, Nick Battaglia, Troy Hirschhorn, Bryan Bristow, Jake Ferris, and Amanda Marone are all examples of students who have developed the skills for a successful career in music. This can be applied to a career in any vocation.

2. Producer

Eric has overseen the development and creation of several bands and taken their career to the next level. He has the vision, moxie and fortitude to build any project from the ground up. He founded his own record label in 1993 and successfully managed artists and touring for 10 years. With the formation of Wealthy Records Eric continues to develop his brand of tasteful music that is not trendy and stands the test of time.

3. Visionary

Eric along with his good friend Kei Nagano completely built North Texas’s premier Japanese restaurant Keiichi from the ground up. What started as an annual small sushi party on April 8th (Eric’s birthday) has grown into one of the best restaurants in the world. Eric moved Kei to Denton and secured him a job through contacts at Jinbeh and Mr. Chopsticks. Kei lived at his home during construction and subsequent development. Eric found the building, arranged for the contractor, and was instrumental in the initial marketing and implementation of one of the best restaurants in the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex. What Eric is most proud of is that this was all done with no advertising. Just word of mouth and unparalleled quality: once again quality over quantity.

The music business is not hard, that is a myth. All business is challenging. He has more respect for someone who owns their own hot dog stand than someone who stays in a job they hate and complains about it. The only thing keeping you from being successful is your story about why you are not successful. He will destroy and obliterate any limiting beliefs you have about yourself, and instill in you a confidence that is unwavering and unstoppable. You will believe in yourself when no one else does. This is the key to success. Knowing what you want and making no excuses for your desires. This is the essential leadership skill required to be successful in any business.

Music business consultation in Park Cities Dallas or the North Texas Area specifically available for one on one or group settings.

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Lifestyle Design Consultation

Regardless of your vocation, whether it is music, entertainment, or any other entrepreneurial venture the potential for your success is limited by your capability to function at optimum levels.

How do you feel on a day-to-day basis? If you are not functioning at your optimum levels of health, happiness and well being your accomplishments will suffer as a result. Think of what you are capable of achieving when you have energy, you feel good and you are at peace with the current circumstances in all areas of your life.

Millions of Americans spend countless hours, millions of dollars, and immeasurable amounts of their energy in an effort to improve the way they feel on a physical and emotional level. A healthy diet not only manages weight gain, it affects mood, energy levels, and the brains ability to function properly.

We may not be able to get more than 24 hours out of a day, but we can certainly make the most out of the time we have by feeling our best, functioning at the highest levels of productivity, and enjoying ourselves as we do so.

In 3 months Eric can take you from here-

To here-

From this-

To this-

He did this in 3 months and he has maintained it for over 3 years. Eric worked out 3 times a week for no more than 20 minutes at a time using simple body weight exercises that can be done anywhere. You do not need a lame gym membership to do this; it is a waste of your time and money. Eric did walk an hour a day which is very meditative and excellent for your health. It is the most effective exercise a person can do to extend their lifespan. He also practices fasting one day a week which he can teach you how to do as well, as there is an art to that. Eric learned it from Jack Lalanne one of the best and someone who pretty much wrote the book on exercise.

You will eat like a king eating real food that sustains you and you will look lean and feel great. What is most counter-intuitive about this is you will be eating a lot of fat and the pounds will melt off you. Satiety is the key here as it is fulfilling and you will learn how to control insulin by eating the way nature intended.

Melissa Kinney
Publicity and Booking
cell 940.735.7388