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Imagine mastering your relationships — your mind, your body, your wealth — and having an inspiring soundtrack to do it with. Along with a group of like-minded individuals to enjoy the journey with. Picture having your own tribe, and direct access to your own "Council of Elders" to coach and inspire you along the way.

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Hello my Friend,

“You are who you hang around”

Those are simple words, yet they are PROFOUND.

Birds of a feather flock together! Always remember “The few who do are the envy of the many who watch”

I created the Lion’s Den specifically for “The few who do” people who refuse to live their lives from FEAR.

This is an elite mastermind group of like minded individuals who refuse to accept mediocrity as way of life.

Due to a limited supply of all the gifts you are going to receive and to keep our TRIBE exclusive and access to the FORUM manageable I am forced to limit membership to 300.

In the movie “300” King Leonidas took with him 300 Spartans of the Royal Bodyguard. Only the best of the best and no reasonable man was “King Leonidas” That’s precisely why I love him!

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists to adapt the world to himself.

Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man. I believe that. I believe there is a certain irrationality about all great leaders-and artist for that matter.

They must have the courage to ignore the skeptics, challenge conventional wisdom and defy the statisticians… Stories of courage and leadership among artist are found in every discipline.

That’s why I chose to call this “The Lion’s Den” Lions and Lioness represent courage. Here you will find like-minded individuals that aspire to be the best that they can be.

More importantly they have the courage and the moxie to just do it. Success leaves clues, that is why I took the time to sit down with these friends and find out what drives them and how they do it.

The enemy of the good is the BEST!

I am committed to going the extra mile are you?

As an annual member of The Lion’s Den, in addition to the above I will send you the following

  • Every month you will be the first to receive a new inspiring song that echoes the concepts we are discussing in the interviews and the forum. You will also receive a free “acoustic” track each month as well.
  • As a member of the den you will have access to all of my new music before I release it to the public. In the future you will also have first access to gigs and masterclasses as well as special events.
  • Think of this as your own exclusive soundtrack to accompany your journey. I will be collaborating with incredible musicians along the way.
  • Access to the Lion’s Den Forum an exclusive community of like minded individuals committed to being the best they can be. Here you will have access to archives of inside information that is priceless!
  • Articles from guest concerning everything from mastering the guitar and your health as well as relationships. Even private information on how to avoid being convicted of a DWI that alone is worth $15,000 easily.

The Forum is broken down into 5 primary areas:

  1. Music- direct access to a vast network of music knowledge and connections unparalleled anywhere. Whether a music lover or seasoned musician the benefits are profound
  2. Love and Relationships- Learn how to develop razor sharp psychology and cut through all the bullshit present in today’s relationships. Develop incredible clarity and ease in accomplishing your goals.
    This section is just as empowering for women as it is men. There is an article here on qualification and screening males written for women that is priceless. I could not put a price on it it is so valuable.
  3. Mastering The Mind- Your mindset is everything, think about it. Learn to relax and be cool. Your mind is “set” like the sun. Lose your mind and come to your senses. Develop focus like a laser beam!
  4. Mastering The Body- If you don’t have your health you don’t have the energy to be your best. There is an interesting caveat here. Often people’s illnesses “benefit them” Learn about this interesting phenomena here and how to avoid falling into it. You will be surprised how this is related to doing what you love.
  5. Mastering Wealth- Learn the abundance principle; There are two goddesses that reside in all of us. One is the Goddess of Knowledge and the other is The Goddess of Wealth. Pay more attention to the Goddess of Knowledge, and the Goddess of Wealth will pay more attention to you!

Every month you will receive a copy of “The Royal Court” where I “hold court” and interview an extremely successful mover and shaker. These interviews are “radically honest” and inspiring.

They are not “cute” and the questions I ask are direct and straight to the point. Success leaves clues and we find out how some of the best of the best stay on course and what drives them to be the best.

I have interviews with Carl Finch, Clint Strong, Allan Holdsworth and even legendary attorney Richard “Racehorse” Haynes. Every month you will receive an empowering interview with a remarkable individual.

All members receive the Official Lions Den T-Shirt designed by my friend Brian Gibb from Art Prostitute. This shirt is awesome and a great way to represent that you are one of the “few who do”.

I have been thinking for a while of the best way to share all of this information with all of you. It is like a dream come true to finally have a place where we can all grow and benefit together.

It’s times like these that we must return to our sense of community and hold court and council with our Tribe and our Tribal Leaders. A time to get back to our nature and become grounded.

  • Find out at 19 years of age how legendary Jazz guitarist Clint Strong found the courage to save $2000 and get in his car and just head West in his car. Find out how in a few weeks he found himself flying around the world in Lear Jets and riding to gigs in Limousines playing lead guitar in Merle Haggards band.
  • Find out how Carl Finch of the Grammy Award winning band Brave Combo found the courage to start a band playing a style of music that is pretty much considered “unmarketable” and built it into a crusade that has legions of fans all over the world. Fan’s like Matt Groening, David Byrne, Harvey Pekar and led to him even being immortalized on the classic cartoon “The Simpsons” All this accomplished playing his unique brand of Polka Music?
  • Learn from some of the greatest legal minds in the nation on how to navigate through the “police state” that the U.S. has become and it is only getting worse. You will not get access to this kind of inside information anywhere. I can tell you from firsthand experience that this is priceless beyond anything imaginable.

Become a Valiant King with the Heart of a LION!

For 20 years now, through my music and travels around the Globe, I have studied the best of the best. Along the way I have even developed friendships with some of the people I grew up listening to their music. I am great friends with the authors of some of the books I read in my youth. I have met almost all of my role models that are still living and I have had relationships that when I look back at them I cherish and am extremely proud of.

Do I tell you this to impress you? Maybe a little bit but what is more important to me is to “impress upon you” what is possible and that you can do it as well. We can do it together and design a life like a ROCKSTAR!

More Free Stuff

My “Inside The Lion’s Den” Video Newsletter- every month a riveting powerful video with tips on the latest music, keys to developing a “strong psychology” and a sound mind as well as nutrition advice in an extremely candid and never before thought about way. Think about having access to several of the best chefs in the world. We also will be sitting down with several authors and experts in the field of dating and maintaining long term relationships.
Find out about “true wealth” that is not always measured by financial success. In these economic times it has never been more important to be doing what you love and building your “community” around that. Become a Maven!
These videos are exclusive and will only be accessible in the “Lion’s Den”. The value of this monthly video alone is $50. I will include it for free with your membership in the “Lion’s Den”

To recap so far, with your membership in the “Lion’s Den” you get access to me and the “Council of Elders” via the online discussion forum (a $100 per month value- at least) and believe me, one piece of advice from me as well as the many great “like minded” individuals already on board- can put you on the fast track to success. I am giving you this premium service for free as well as giving you my Inside The Lion’s Den Video Newsletter.

This is HUGE!

In anything in life whether it being playing the guitar, pursuing your dream, saving money, developing an intimate relationship… Is it a compliment if someone says “You play with a lot of emotion?

Of Course it is! What do you get when you remove the “E” from emotion? “MOTION”. I ENCOURAGE you to get into motion and take this step. You will be glad you did. I personally guarantee it.

Furthermore what do you get when you remove the “EN” from ENCOURAGE? You get COURAGE. This is what Lions are know for their COURAGE,

I look forward to seeing you in the LION’S DEN!

All The Best,


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