Eric Keyes and Allan Holdsworth

“No One Knows My Thirst”

Sometimes the inspiration for a song can come from the most unexpected places. I have quite a bit of Irish blood in me.

I was having a charged conversation as I often do with my friend Dr. Blasé Harris and we were talking about why someone might fall into hopeless patterns of addiction. The kind where it descends into a downward spiral of hopelessness and despair. My friend Blasé is a true healer and even though he has the credentials of a traditional doctor and a PhD with the option of prescribing meds to his patients his focus is on the natural path to healing and getting to the core of the neurosis is the first place.

You see doctor’s have good intentions when they get into the field as most people do. They ended getting so busy pulling people out of the water to keep them from drowning. They never go up the river to see who is throwing them in.

Not Blasé, he even finds out why the people who are throwing them in are doing it! Blasé related to me this old Irish saying:

“Everyone knows my Drinking, No one Knows my Thirst”

I immediately jotted that down on a piece of paper and I knew it was just a matter of time till the song just showed up. I have always been a fan of embracing technology. One of the reasons for this was when I was a kid I heard Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top embrace synthesizers on the breakthrough record “Eliminator” A lot of the blues purist were taken aback by it but not me. He did it with so much pizzazz that I was hooked. The cool car, the fly clothes, the beards, the shades and all the beautiful girls. Man I was hooked, years later when I moved to Dallas and met the famous photographer James Bland. He told me a lot of great stuff about Billy. One that surprised me was the fact that Billy loved Depeche Mode. Specifically the album “Violator” I loved that album as well. So as a lot of folks where afraid of computers and drum machines I got me a drum machine. The Alesis HR-16.

Even drummers embrace working with loops and sequences and the sounds can be hypnotic and put people in a trance. Al Dimeola who has also been a big influence on me had a Synclavier which a very expensive early sampler/Synth and the sounds were amazing at the time. One of my favorite drummers John Carruth is doing a lot of production work with loops and technology creating beats as well.

This leads me to Allan and my exposure to his music. Allan also was one of the first guitarists to utilize a lot of guitar synthesis when he played the Synthaxe. A lot of the guitar community was a little skeptical of all of this at first and I think they were missing the point.

Allan said it best, “this shows me that they are not listening to the note that I am playing. They just want to hear guitar.”

You see I feel all professions when done from love and perseverance lead to healing. My friend Japanese Chef Kei Nagano who is as sharp as they come when it comes to detail and sensitivity said that the first time he saw Allan perform in Denton. Kei comes up to me during the show and says. “Eric, Allan is healing people” I thought to myself; Wow, what an elegant way to define Allan’s music. This is what my friend Blasé is doing. This what Kei is doing. This has been the entire core of my music career whether it be performing, teaching, writing and even promoting concerts. It is to simply build rather than tear down. That is what this song is about. And that is why it was a “no brainer” to have Allan bless this track with that tone of his. You see you don’t get rich putting money in first position. People first, money 2nd. Allan wouldn’t let me pay him for taking the time to play such beautiful solos on the track. I sent him some anyway.

You see whether it be Allan reaching for the uncommon chord, Or Kei having a restaurant with only 10 chairs and only the freshest ingredients and cooking in distilled water. Or me refusing to “dumb down” my music to sell albums to the herd. Or Blasé refusing to prescribe more meds so he can treat the person. This is where we must take our Global Village back to and put people first in all our endeavors.

Much Love,

Review of “No One Knows My Thirst”

Like a fine wine, Eric’s music just gets better with age.
This song is no exception. I have listened to Eric’s songs
for years and each time he comes up with a new song, I think
“Wow! This is the best he’s done yet!” I always think it’s going
to be difficult to top.

With his last album “Wake Up”, I believed “Words of a Song” to be
an absolutely outstanding song.

Now he gives us a taste of “No One Knows My Thirst”, and let me say
once again, “WOW!!!” Eric, you really outdid yourself on this
song. It has the beat that matches the lyrics perfectly. I’d say it’s
going to be tough to beat this one, but I know what’s going to happen…

Thanks Eric.

–Peter Elsner

Eric Keyes and Allan Holdsworth:
“No One Knows My Thirst”

Here are the lyric to “No One Knows My Thirst” enjoy live your life with passion!

No One Knows My Thirst

If you must lie
Lie in my arms
If you must steal
Steal my heart

If you must cheat
Cheat on death
If you must drink
Drink my friend

If you must dance
Dance with fire
If you must burn
Burn with desire

Everyone hears me screaming
No one hears my words
Everyone knows my drinking
No one knows my thirst

If you must work
Work on Love
If you must hurt
Hurt with us

If you must dance
Dance with fire
If you must burn
Burn with desire

Everyone hears me screaming
No one hears my words
Everyone knows my drinking
No one knows my thirst

Eric Keyes August 2008
BMI Fang Tooth Music