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1993 Denton Discoveries

Eric Keyes single “Together Again” featured on Denton Discoveries CD

Eric Keyes- Guitar and Vocals

Earl Harvin- Drums

Jon Button-Bass

Steve McDonald-Steel Drums

Todd Schietroma-percussion

Ben Kono- Saxophone

1994 Eric Keyes 6 song EP’

1. “Lost”

Eric Keyes- Guitar and Vocals

Keith Carlock-Drums

Eric Delegard- Bass

Andy Timmons- Lead guitar

Nikhil Pandya- Tabla

2. “Summertime”

Eric Keyes- Guitar and Vocals

Keith Carlock-Drums

Eric Delegard- Bass

3. “Candy” Eric Keyes- Guitar and Vocals

Keith Carlock- Drums

Eric Delegard- Bass

4. “I’ll find You”

Eric Keyes- Guitar and Vocals and Sitar

Keith Carlock Drums

Eric Delegard- Bass

Jennifer Perryman- background vocals

5. “Etude #1” by Heitor Villa Lobos

Eric Keyes- Classical Guitar

6. “Yesterday” by The Beatles

Performed and arranged for jazz guitar by Eric Keyes

with Riddle Me This

1995- Merkin Wig

Eric Keyes- Guitar and Vocals

Marc Harris- Drums on “Together Again”

Paul Schmaus- Bass

Charlie Short- Steel Drums and percussion

Jeffrey Barnes- Saxophone on “Together Again”

Chalo Eduardo- Percussion on “Everything” and “Me Quema”

John Moss- percussion

Randy Erwin- yodeling on “In Heaven There is no Beer”

Eric Grajo- drums on “Me Quema” and “Everything”

Malcolm Miranda- Castanets Bob Schietroma- Tabla on “Area 51”

1998- Trademark

Eric Keyes- Guitar and Vocals

Paul Schmaus- Bass and Vocals

Dave Berkson- Drums and Vocals

Aloke Dutta- tabla on “Macbar Techno”

Adolfo Acosta- trumpet on “Surf Tune”

Carl Finch accordion on “No Beer Today”

2000- Eden

Eric Keyes- Guitar and Vocals

Paul Schmaus- Guitar, Bass and Vocals

Dave Berkson- Drums

Randy Erwin- yodeling on “I’m a Cow”

Bonnie and Nick Norris- fiddle and flat top guitar along with backing vocals on ‘I’m a Cow”

Brian “Big Dog” Reddick vocals on Godzilla

Joe Cripps percussion

Eric Keyes as a solo artist

2004- Wakeup

Produced by Jimi Tunnell

Eric Keyes-Guitar and Vocals

Jimi Tunnell- guitar, drum programming, bass, keys and background vocals

Mikel Combs- bassAloke Dutta tabla on “Allure”

2008- Mind on Fire EP

2009- “No One Knows my Thirst” single w/ guest Allan Holdsworth

2012- “Words of a Song” single with Pat Peterson and video

2013- “Reign Falls” single

2013- “King Fly” single

2013- “Forget Me Not” single

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Not of This World

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I have always had this weird belief that we choose to come down here and work on our souls. I even believe that we choose our parents. I wrote this song around a classical guitar riff that I came up with in my teens. It was a joy to record this on the same session with Clark, John and Wes. I think Wes’s bass playing on this track is remarkable.


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This is a recent adaptation of a song I wrote several years ago called “Tuesday.” I recorded this at Reeltime Audio with Eric Delegard as the engineer. It’s straightforward and simple and was recorded with a live band featuring Clark Erickson on keys, Wes Stephenson on bass, and John Carruth on drums. I was particularly happy with my guitar tone on this one. We used Eric’s Bad Cat and it is a great sounding amp. This song reflects on the endless nature of violence and how an eye for an eye causes everyone to be blind.

King Fly

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This was recorded at Reeltime Audio with drummer Matt Thompson and bassist Eric Delegard. I love working with both of these guys. When it comes to drums Matt is one of the best and currently tours with King Diamond and Shaolin Death Squad. This is a tour de force for guitar and so many of my friends and students were on me to record this, it felt great to finally get it done. It was a trip to listen back to this and hear all my early influences on guitar come through.

Reign Falls

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This song is about getting out of your own way. I had this riff stuck in my head for years. One day I played it for my producer and he liked it and we recorded it as a demo. It was a great feeling to finally get in the studio with my friend engineer Eric Delegard and my band. We captured it just as I envisioned it.

Forget Me Not

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“Forget Me Not” is an instrumental Blues I recorded late last year. On this session I had John Carruth on Drums, Clark Erickson on Keys and Wes Stephenson on the bass. I love this rhythm section and we captured something special here. Perfect music to go for a drive to. Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did recording it.

Words of a Song

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I believe that music is the international language.

I also believe that no matter what your mood and what your going through in life somewhere at sometime someone has expressed it creatively.

If they haven’t yet and you can’t find a song to relate to then I believe the “universe” is compelling you to write a song that will speak your truth and share your feelings with the world.

You see music is what our feelings “sound like”. Music has been such a big part of my life that it has carried me through everything, even my Grandmothers funeral.

Joseph Campbell is one of my hero’s, his monumental work “The Power of Myth” resonates with everything I believe to be the truth. I went to his grave when I was in Hawaii and wrote this song the next day. George Lucas credits Joseph Campbell as the inspiration for Star Wars. George read the eulogy at Joseph’s Funeral.

Here are the lyrics. have a look at them before you listen and i feel you will relate on a much deeper level.

Hakuna Matata!


The Words of a Song

When people sing
I will dance
Into the earth
In a trance

I travel far
And emerge
In the words of a song

When you arrive
At this place
And stare god
In the face

You will find
Who you are
In the words of a Song

I have loved
And I’ve lost
In my pain
Born the cross

I have seen
No greater cure
Than the words of a song

As above
So below
In the depths
Of my soul

I return
To the earth
In the words of a song


When you are alone
And the world is your stage
What will you sing
In your song

The one who would be master
Is the servant of us all
You will find your answer
In a Song

(Eric Keyes/Fang Tooth Music BMI)

Love Rules

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I always dug the band Steely Dan. I remember as a kid reading William Burroughs book Naked Lunch, and realizing they had named their band after a dildo. They always had the greatest songs and greatest musicians. In many ways our style is just a synthesis of everyone we listen to. After I wrote this song, I could hear Steely Dan’s influence on me.