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The Sun Never Sets On The British Empire

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There's an old joke I tell from time to time that goes like this: Heaven is where the Germans are the engineers, the Italians are the lovers, the French are the cooks, and the English are the administrators. Hell is where ...

Fun Halloween Pumpkin Soup Recipe

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This is an incredible Italian dish called Crema Di Zucca Con Baccala. It is a great way to utilize extra pumpkin left over after creating your holiday Jack-O-Lanterns. It also utilizes one of my favorite ingredients which is Baccala (salt ...

First We Make Our Habits Then Our Habits Make Us

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When I was in the recording school at Westchester Campus in Houston we had a great instructor. He was a jazz drummer and his name was Herb Tassin. I don't remember exactly how he said it but he was talking ...