Eric Keyes_004
Eric’s style of music can be described as rock with a soulful, authentic, genuine feel that is singable, danceable, and connects with listeners on an emotional basis.

Remember a time when you were with good friends listening to authentic music, eating some really amazing food, food that was tasty not trendy?

Eric expresses his appreciation for these moments in life through his music. He surrounds himself with an amazing band that hits you on an emotional level, that inspires you to sing along, and your body to move with the music. Music and great food heals people. Eric’s standard of performing is that his audiences find his shows high energy, visually stunning, and leave them wanting to come back for more.

Art imitates life and Eric started as an artist, found his confidence as a guitarist, and sings with a creative, soulful, authentic, voice.

Eric Keyes is in the entertainment business, but this title in no way encompasses all that he does. A connoisseur of life Eric is a master of all that brings true joy in this world. He focuses all his efforts on music, cooking, and good times with friends. He brings the same fortitude towards his own personal growth and spiritual evolution. He brings his excellent business skills to his personal endeavors, and like a powerful lion, grabs life by the throat in each and every new adventure he embarks upon.

His motivation is to connect to others on an emotional level through his work, relating to their pain, so that he might make a positive impact offering his experience and artistic expression. Always striving to broaden his horizons and take on new challenges his interests are unlimited as is often the case for the truly gifted creative artist. 80% of his time is spent on music and the entertainment business, but his other areas of interest include cooking, health, psychology, personal development, and martial arts to name a few.

A truly versatile and unique entrepreneur, Eric Keyes takes the world by storm!